Friday, June 25, 2010

Ghostmasters - Mani Rao (Chameleon)

Ghostmasters is a collection of Mani Rao's poems that "pluck and probe the various worlds of her imagination. 'Maybe the highway robbers will have a special smile for me,' she writes, and indeed the people, places, and things that haunt this book have their own special expressions, which reveal dark and delightful truths from "the ledge of knowing." - Christopher Merrill

Poems from this collection have been featured in literary journals including Wasafiri, Washington Square, Meanjin, Tinfish, XCP, How2journal, 91st Meridian, Almost Island, Softblow, Cha, Asia Literary Review, Indian Literature, Kavya Bharati, Atlas and Zoland Poetry. You can read 2 poems from Ghostmasters on Asia Writes: Mani Rao: Shorts + Drought.

"Mani’s poems are death-defying acts of language, more daring than love-poems because they are unafraid to let love go, to release the self from itself. Lost to rediscovered words, miscommunications, fading memories, frogs and natural forces are arranged and rearranged here into new and devastating ways of seeing and thinking about our lives." -- Cyril Wong

Mani Rao is the author of eight books of poetry and a translation of the Gita (forthcoming in 2010 from Autumn Hill Books and 2011 from Penguin India). She lives between India, Hong Kong and the USA.

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Mani Rao: Ghostmasters
poetry collection, 90 pages
ISBN 9881862310

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