Monday, June 21, 2010

SAND - Issue 1

An English literary journal printed bi-annually in Berlin, SAND features prose and poetry in the English language, as well as translations from other languages, art, and photography.

An index of the first issue is available online and includes some web previews: SAND Spring 2010.

SAND, Berlin’s new English literary journal, is... a kind of lyrical introduction to the city. The low-gloss presentation and discriminating choice of photos, graphic art and nudes round off the picture. You’ll recognize a number of the contributors, but many are new and amongst these, we welcome the inclusion of some Germans. The editors are also new, and they’ve done a good job of combining prose and poetry, translations and reviews to give a good overview of what makes this city tick when it speaks English.” (- from a review in the Exberliner, June 2010)

About SAND
Co-founders Becky Crook and Jason Andrews paired up in 2009 after deciding that Berlin had waited too long for a new English literary publication to showcase the undiscovered, up-and-coming and already glamorously established talent of the city. Featuring a diverse range of art, photography, poetry and prose, some in multiple languages with side-by-side English translations, the journal—published twice annually—also accepts works from writers and artists living outside of the city. SAND is now accepting submissions for the Fall 2010 issue, which will be published simultaneously with the Berlin International Literature Festival.

SAND spring issue
Issues of SAND are now available at Saint George’s Bookshop, East of Eden International Bookstore, and Artificium Kunstbucher & Galerie in Berlin, at various readings throughout Berlin, or for direct order (email with inquiries, issue price: 5 Euros).

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  1. issue #2 of SAND is now out - with two stories by yours truly included. cheers from berlin!