Monday, June 07, 2010

Published For a Day - Monday, June 7

Today is “Published For a Day” day on Word Riot. The day is based on this call for manuscripts: "Do you have an atrocious novel sitting on your hard drive? Do you have an awesome short story collection you want to expose hard and fast like the town pervert? Well, step right up…"

63 authors followed the call.

The novels and story collections are all up now.
Link: Published For a Day - Monday, June 7

The list with links to downloadable PDFs of novels and book length short story collections is available for one day and one day only: 12 a.m. -11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 7.

Full list of participating authors: Grace Andreacchi, Mila Arz, Alex Bernstein, Summer Block, Paula Bomer, Linda Boroff, Chris Bowen, Jess Bowers, Mary Bowers, Arndt Britschgi, Tobias Carroll, Robert Castle, Feng Sun Chen, Chris Conroy, Jackie Corley, Dawn Corrigan, John Counts, J Francis, Adam Ford, Foust, Bruce Gatenby, Joseph Goosey, Nels Hanson, Nicholas Hayes, Russell Heller, Steve Himmer, John Oliver Hodges, Larry Kovaks, Susan Lago, Dorothee Lang, Chris Lenton, James Lewelling, Anthony Luebbert, C.K. Lowe, Larry Menlove, Drew Minh, John Minichillo, Bryson Newhart, Brian Oliu, bl pawelek, Diane Payne, Anna Reed, Christian Rose Bradley Sands, Shya Scanlon, Bart Schaneman, Pawl Schwartz, Jonathan Shipley, Ron Singer, Tyler Stoddard Smith, Mike Stein, Nick Stokes, J. Ryan Stradal, Joseph Sullivan, Jack Swenson, Matt Thomas, Nathaniel Tower, Joel E. Turner, J. A. Tyler, Pavelle Wesser, H V Whitehead, G.K. Wuori, Thom Young

Some additional links:
- Published For a Day: Guidelines
- google link list "published for a day / word riot"

About Word Riot
Word Riot publishes the forceful voices of up-and-coming writers and poets. Their take: "We like edgy. We like challenging. We like unique voices." Word Riot is published by Jackie Corley, and first opened shop in March 2002 as the literary section of a now defunct on-line music magazine, Communication Breakdown. Each month the magazine provides readers with book reviews, author interviews, and, most importantly, writing from some of the best and brightest making waves on the literary scene.

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  1. . . . on the hard drive? How about in boxes in the dirty basement? Some atrocious work was written before the PC - on typewriters! ~gft