Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 x 7 - Crag Hill (Otoliths)

Scattered parts
now lie about what happened.

"Implicitly comparing a book to a deck of cards, and that deck of cards in turn to the world of social violence we’re dealt, Crag Hill stakes his ante on the power of poetry to witness and document the multiply-layered, self-inflicted insanity of US daily life in the Bush years. As readers we become participants and are thus empowered to say no to the game of death." —Maria Damon

"It's pure serendipity that the 49th book to bear the Otoliths imprint just happens to have the title that it does..... 7 x 7"

Crag Hill is the editor and publisher of SCORE Magazine since 1983. He tries to go where no one knows to go.

About Otoliths
Otoliths is a magazine of many e-things, published by Mark Young, Australia. The online issue of Otoliths appears quarterly. The publishing arm of Otoliths began as print editions of the e-zine Otoliths, but has since expanded to include books & chapbooks by authors associated with the journal. Recent publications include wild life rifle fire by Paul Siegell and & cruel red by Mary Kasimor.

Crag Hill: 7 x 7
poetry collection
paperback, 56 pages, $13.45

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