Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Blue Crow - Issue 1

The inaugural issue of Blue Crow offers short stories for the mind and soul, and also for the funny bone. It includes enthralling fictional tales from thirty authors from all around the globe, and 2 interviews (Justin Bridges interviews deceased serial killer Peter Manuel + the late writer, J D Salinger).

A free sampler of Blue Crow #1 is available as [pdf].

Contributing authors: Grace Andreacchi, Lili Pâquet, Janie Dempsey Watts, Joseph M. Gant, John Dodge, Corey Mesler, David Day, Laura Solomon, Sandra Gail Lambert, Michele Freeman, Therese Mobayad, Ricky Ginsburg, Les Zigomanis, Jonathan Elsom, Matt Dennison, Tony Parker, Daniel Trask, Arne Hogan, Linda Visman, Charles Thomas, Trish Honeyfield, Blaise van Hecke, A. S. Patric, Marie-Claude Bourjon, Mark William Jackson, Ann Walters, Belinda Fidler, Kate Simonian, and Jason Gray.

About Blue Crow
Blue Crow Magazine has been created for writers who struggle to get their material published by the mainstream publishers. We like difference, and individuality. Novice writers will also be published if their stories show the necessary merit, we mainly publish short fiction only. Submissions for issue 2 will be called for from August 1, 2010.

The magazine’s all-Australian staff consists of Andrew Scobie, Matthew Ward, and Justin Bridges. All three writers pursue their own interests away from Blue Crow. Matthew also publishes Skive Future, an online journal featuring fiction, poetry and art, and has recently had a book of short stories published by World Audience (New York) titled, ‘John F Kennedy Lives in the Future!’, to go with his other published works. Andrew is currently looking to publish a novel, ‘Johnno’s Hideaway’, after previously mainly concentrating on books of short fiction. Justin remains fixed on developing his interviewing and reviewing career: he has temporarily suspended his interest in interviewing the dead and is currently looking for live souls to embarrass.

Blue Crow #1
240 pages
free sampler pdf of Blue Crow #1 [download]
paperback: $14.95
e-book: $5.00

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