Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Natural Habitat - Michelle Reale (Burning River)

Natural Habitat is a collection of previously published short stories that, according to Pank, is a “love letter to the idea of home, to natural habitats as those places where we can feel most like ourselves, where we can recognize all the people, memories and moments that have contributed to our present selves.”

This work features an introductory essay by the author on the title and collection, a deeply personal account of how, where and why this collection exists. "The whole of my life I have been interested in who we are as individuals and the world at large. Who belongs? Who doesn’t? How much of that is just a creation of our own minds? Where is our true home? ..."

Michelle Reale, while working as an academic librarian at a university in the suburbs of Philadelphia, has had her work featured in Word Riot, Gloom Cupboard, Pank, Rumble, Eyeshot, Monkeybicycle, Underground Voices and many others. This is her first collected volume.

About Burning River
Upcoming projects for Burning River include another collection slated for October, Crossing The Trestle by author Jim Meirose. Aside from publishing an annual literary journal, Burning River also accepts manuscripts for the two to three chapbooks they publish per year. They are also open for visual art for the site. Burning River is ran out of Cleveland, Ohio by author and administrator Chris Bowen.

Michelle Reale: Natural Habitat
story collection
48 pgs
paperback $6, April 2010
also available as PDF

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