Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 Goodreads Choice Awards - Final Round

Goodreads is organizing their annual book award again: Readers can pick their favorites in 20 categories, including Fiction, Poetry, Memoir, Nonfiction and Goodreads Authors.

The Awards is now entering the final round:
  • Opening Round: 30 Oct – 10 Nov 
  • Semifinal Round: 12 Nov – 17 Nov 
  • Final Round: 19 Nov – 27 Nov 

Here's the vote page: 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards

Background Information on the Award & Some Interesting Comments:
The book nominations are based on Goodread site statistics, and as statistics turned out: "our new crop of nominees boasts a larger percentage of indie authors than ever before."

An additional blog post from Goodreads with some background information and comments, both on the nomination process and last year's awards finalists, and expectations for this year (here's the link to the blog entry: The 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards—Now Open for Voting!")

About the nomination process & the categories
  • "We analyzed statistics from the 170 million books added, rated, and reviewed on the site in 2012 and nominated books based on the number of ratings and average rating." - Jessica from Goodreads
  • "No short story/ anthology category? I love short stories, this category is clearly missing in these awards. That aside, voting is always fun!" - Sonatajessica
  • "I wish GoodReads had a category just for indie books, Like "Best Indie Book of Year or something like that. I hope no one finds my idea offensive because that was not what I meant it to be. I just feel like great indie books don't get the publicity they deserve!" - Lily
Note on last year's finalists and expectations for this year:

  • "Who will be the major break-out nominee of 2012? Last year's juggernaut Fifty Shades of Grey picked up speed when it reached the 2011 finals for Best Romance before becoming a viral hit." - Jessica from Goodreads
  • "Oh, great. Let's see what other awful Twilight fan fiction we can "launch" upon unsuspecting society. ETA: Oop, except there actually is another Twific in the voting. *slow clap* SMDH." - Alicia
  • "This was always going to be a popularity contest, so sit back, relax and await the predictability" - Marie

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