Saturday, November 24, 2012

74 episodes of PoemTalk (+ extra links)

PoemTalk is a collaboration of the Kelly Writers House, PennSound, and the Poetry Foundation.
PoemTalk's producer and host is Al Filreis, the series is also available on iTunes.
So far 74 episodes of PoemTalk are online, each with an own notes page which also includes the link to the audio, here's a choice of direct links:

PT#1: William Carlos Williams between walls PT#4: Allen Ginsberg sings Blake
PT#9: John Ashbery at a crossroads
PT#15: Lyn Hejinian’s change
PT#21: Charles Bernstein’s restlessness 

PT#26: wild Vachel Lindsay 
PT#32: Susan Howe’s Emily Dickinson
PT#41: Ezra Pound in Venice

PT#48: Edgar Allan Poe’s “Dream-Land”
PT#54: Ron Silliman’s “You”
PT#57: Djanikian & the alphabet of genocide


& an extra link: Poetry Foundation:

The Poetry Foundation is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture, and publisher of Poetry magazine. On their website, they feature a large section of audio features: Poetry Audio & Podcasts 

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