Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best of Short Story Lists

May was Short Story Month - which triggered a short story list. Plus, storySouth is on. And there was Best of Net. And also, a flash list, a bit earlier this year.

Here's an overview, starting with storySouth + the flash fiction chronicles, and moving at the pace of a list a day. Options to participate are marked red. Top10 / Top5 / Top3 lists are included directly, longer lists are linked.

For additional links, visit the feature on Short Story Month 2011.

Your Personal best-of 2010
Usually, best-of-web lists are created by nomination, longlisting, voting, etc. BluePrintReview turns this system around for once and asks: "From your own works that got published online in 2010, what's your personal favourite?" - Visit the Best of 2010 page, and add the link to your own favourite story/poem/photo/etc. (this is open to all formats).

Story South Million Writers Award
storySouth Magazine & Jason Sanford
The storySouth Million Writers Award for best online fiction of the year helps all internet-based journals and magazines to gain exposure and attent. For their list of notable stories 2010, it accepted nominations from readers, writers, and editors. The list included more than 150 entries - based on it, the Top Ten Stories are chosen. Public voting is now open for those, you can vote through July 6. More about the award, here: About the storySouth Million Writers Award.

storySouth Top 10 List:
"Hell Dogs" by Daphne Buter (FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry)
"Arvies" by Adam-Troy Castro (Lightspeed Magazine)
"The Green Book" by Amal El-Mohtar (Apex Magazine)
"Do You Have a Place for Me" by Roxane Gay (Spork Press)
"Here is David, the Greatest of Descendants" by Spencer Kealamakia (Anderbo)
"The Incorrupt Body of Carlo Busso" by Eric Maroney (Eclectica)
"Cancer Party" by Nicola Mason (Blackbird)
"Arthur Arellano" by Viet Thanh Nguyen (Narrative Magazine)
"Elegy for a Young Elk" by Hannu Rajaniemi (Subterranean Magazine)
"Most of Them Would Follow Wandering Fires" by Amber Sparks (Barrelhouse)


102 Story Links in Honor of Short Story Month 2011
flash fiction chronicles
"We’ve created a long list of “Readers’ Choices” online. There are STILL many many many terrific stories out there not on this list so we will have to do this again. Just a reminder. These stories are in random order as FFC received them. No one story is considered better than another. That’s for YOU to decide. (But don’t vote for them here. This isn’t a contest). Please take the time to scroll through the list and read some pieces you might not have read before. Let the author know if you loved it. Share with others."


The Micro Award
The Micro Awad is presented annually for the best work of flash fiction originally published in the previous calendar year (word length: max 1000 words). The winner receives a $500 prize. Winners, runners-up and finalists of the current and previous years are listed on the award page: Micro Award.

Micro Award winner + runner-up 2010:
• Winner: “Choosing a Photograph for Mother's Obituary” by Kevin A. Couture; The Antigonish Review(the story is not online)
• Runner-up: “Seven Items In Jason Reynolds’ Jacket Pocket, Two Days After His Suicide, As Found By His Eight-Year-Old Brother, Grady” by Robert Swartwood; PANK, April 2010

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