Sunday, November 01, 2015

literary hashtags on twitter: #amreading #shortstory #sixwords #longreads #worldliterature & more

"Some of the most interesting and useful hashtags on Twitter are designed to build community in the far-flung literary world..."
...noted Salon Magazine in a recent article that featured several literary hashtags for readers and writers.  The article is online at: Literary Hashtags. For unknown reasons, they didn't include direct links for the tags, so here's a linked list, and some additional links, for literary browsing joy:

#amreading + #fridayreads + #books
books, more books & related links

literary initiative, more here in this blog

#longreads  + #shortstory + #storysunday
long reads & short story links

tiny shared moments

reviews, articles, blogs...

#bookstorebingo + #LibraryLife
true bookstore moments

#amwriting + #writingprompt
links, news & prompts for writers

quick Q&A option for writers

children book initiative

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Indefinite Space 2015

from minimalist to avant-garde ---
open to innovative, imagistic, philosophical, 
experimental creations---
poetry drawings collage photograph--

Indefinite Space.

The 2015 edition of Indefinite Space contains work from 27 poets + artists: Eric Hoffman, Andrea Moorhead, Valerie Witte, Felino A. Soriano, Rob Cook, Andrew Brenza, Laura Carter, Jill Khoury, John Sibley Williams, John L. Stanizzi, Dorothee Lang, Daniel Lehan, Scott Thomas Outlar, Morgan Bazilian, Alice Pettway, Dan Raphael, Jessie Janeshek, Joseph V. Milford, Mark Young, Raymond Farr, Bradley K. Meyer, Gabrielle Campagnano, Thomas Cochran, K.S. Hardy, Guy R. Beining, Fred Dale, Jim Fisher, Sally Ridgway, Andrew Topel, Michael Rerick, Michael McAloran, Vanessa Couto Johnson, Philip Byron Oakes, George Karos, Peter Layton, Bob Heman, A.J. Huffman, Ivan de Monbrison, Aaron Anstett, Jack Galmitz

About Indefinite Space
Indefinite Space is edited by Marcia Arrieta. She founded Indefinite Space in 1991 after receiving a grant for her work from the Pasadena Arts Council and has continued to publish the journal independently since then. Indefinite Space has a penchant for the avant-garde, the philosophical, the minimal (but not always), the natural, and the intangible.

Indefinite Space 2015
single issue $10
ISSN 1075-6868

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Sunday, March 08, 2015

March On, Women

re-posted in celebration of International Women's Day 2015, the original post is from 2012:

In honour of International Women’s Month, Michelle Elvy created a mini-blog fest featuring women around the world: "Thanks to everyone who participated in this gathering — your art and your words and your lives inspire."

March On, Women
Dance. Resurrect. Survive.
Quiet. Night. Nothing.
Poetry. Place. Passion.
Colour. Chablis. Celebration.
Caress. Care. Kitty Kat.
Whanau. Wrinkles. Nudes.
Words. Wishes. Roads.
Mystery. Masquerade. Monster.
Finally. Food for thought.

Michelle Elvy lives and writes and edits in New Zealand aboard her 43’ sailboat, Momo. She is the founding editor of the New Zealand initiative Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction as well as 52|250: A Year of Flash, a project that grew during 2010-2011 to include nearly 200 writers and artists. She also edits at Blue Five Notebook and A Baker’s Dozen. Most recently, Michelle has been awarded the Research Grant by the New Zealand Society of Authors/ Auckland Museum Library for her project “Flashback: A New Zealand History in Micro Moments”.

March On, Women
a blog fest in honour of International Women’s Month

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

"What I Won't Repeat": Cooperative poem

Since 2009, the editors of Leaf Press organize a collaborate winter poem for the start of the year, collecting couplets from different poets, to publish as co-op poem on the first Monday of the new year.

The theme for 2015 is: "What I Won't Repeat" - the poem is now online at: Leafpress coop poem 2014: I Hear the Wind Waiting

It's composed of lines by 23 poets, here the first 3 lines from 3 contributors:

"Every day h/our pattern of life:
Thoughts, thoughts, familiar, treasured and wily
Open mind, open heart, open up the lonely world...."

No one knew what the others wrote, the brief guidelines were: "An entry consists of one line or one couplet. Each line approximately 12 syllables."

The co-op series
And  here, for the joy of poetic cooperation, the previous poems:
2014 - Hear the Wind Waiting
2013 - tree
2012 - Lines Drawn from Greening Winds
2011 - The Change in Winter Light
2010 - Cold
2009 - Snow

About Leaf Press
Leaf Press is an independent press located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Ursula Vaira founded Leaf in 2001 as a poetry chapbook publisher. Since 2007 Leaf has been publishing trade poetry while continuing the chapbook tradition and the weekly on-line Monday's Poem.