Monday, November 22, 2010

Detailed Still - Karen Neuberg (Poets Wear Prada)

Imagine if we could look at that first moment about which all our future decisions on the way the world responds to us have been incrementally based.

Detailed Still is the debut poetry collection of Karen Neuberg, a preview is available online at Isuu: Detailled Still. "These poems seem not written, but conjured, as if imprinted by a mind alive to the 'tiny, Zen-bell voice,' insisting that questions reveal more than answers." - Dean Kostos, author of The Sentence That Ends with a Comma,

"Karen Neuberg’s marvelous accomplishment in Detailed Still is that each poem is like a tiny mirrored room that reflects and refracts experience, evoking all the complications of memory and desire. Time is this poet’s subject, and how desire is quickened or lost over time, and how we understand that only through memory." — Molly Peacock, author of The Second Blush

Karen Neuberg’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Barrow Street, Boxcar Poetry Review, Diner, and The Same, among others. She’s a Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, holds an MFA from The New School, and is associate editor of Inertia Magazine.

About Poets Wear Prada
Poets Wear Prada / PWP Books is a small press based in Hoboken, New Jersey devoted to introducing new authors through limited edition, high-quality chaplets, primarily of poetry.

Karen Neuberg: Detailed Still
ISBN: 0981767869
28 pages, 10.00$

Friday, November 19, 2010

>language >place blog carnival #1 (blueprint)

> Language > Place is a joined blog cyber journey featuring international perspectives on language and place.

The key to this web project is its decentral structure: a blog carnival. All participating authors put up their text in their own blog, and then forwarded the link to the current host of the carnival – who then put together a central page that branches out into the web. The result is a colorful and diverse collection of themes and voices, a virtual journey through different aspects of language in different regions and continents in changing places.

Edition #1 includes 24 participating blogs from all over the world, and is hosted by BluePrintReview editor Dorothee Lang in virtual notes. The themes of this first edition range from "Crossing Borders" to "(M)other Tongues", from "Home, Abroad" to "The beauty of language" and from "City Storie" to "Identity and Language" - here the direct link to the edition: > language > place edition #1

Edition #2 of > language > place will be hosted by author and journalist Nicolette Wong in her blog Meditations in an Emergency. Submissions are now open for edition 2: guidelines.

About blueprint
>language >place is a blueprint project - the base of blueprint is BluePrintReview, an international literary online journal with theme issues. The currently issue is #25: "two²", upcoming in December is #26 "identity". Other blueprint projects include blueprintpress, the print side wing of BluePrintReview, the latest publication are 2 micro novels: "The Republic of Love" by Nora Nadjarian and "My Apartment" by Michael K. White.

> language > place edition #1
a web project

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making Good Use of August - Sherry O'Keefe (Finishing Line)

Sherry O'Keefe is a descendent of Montana pioneers and grew up in a remote power camp. Making Good Use of August is her first poetry chapbook.

"Making Good Use of August announces Sherry O'Keefe as a strong new voice in the poetry of place. Each poem in this collection while unique, builds a unified narrative image vast and detailed as a mural or tapestry. We vicariously see through O'Keefe and her people the small details remembered from a rural childhood, the bitterness of seduction and regret, and the difficulties and pleasures of navigating this modern life." -  Justin Evans, author of Working in the Bird House

"Sherry O'Keefe tells the stories of a world that "city kids won't know." Riding in the front seat of her pickup truck, the reader is treated to a tour only a lifelong resident can provide. Expertly navigating the back roads, she guides us through a vivid and idiosyncratic landscape, pointing out where all the best secrets are kept. O'Keefe has a wonderful eye for detail, a vision both quirky and deeply human." - Nina Corwin, Fifth Wednesday Journal

Sherry O'Keefe's most current work has appeared or is forthcoming in Switched-on Gutenberg, THEMA, Terrain. Org., PANK, Avatar Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Two Review, Babel Fruit, The High Desert Journal and Main Street Rag. Her full collection of poetry, Loss of Ignition, is making the rounds while she works on the editorial teams for Fifth Wednesday Journal and The Centrifugal Eye. She is the Poetry Editor for Soundzine.

About Finishing Line Press
Finishing Line Press is an award-winning small press publisher. New Releases: The Bracelet by Lou Amyx, Tropical Diagnosis by Virginia Aronson and Cracklers at Night by Rita Banerjee. Finishing Line Press is currently calling for manuscripts for teir 2011 New Women's Voices Chapbook Competition, details.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Outside Voices - Jake Berry & Jeffrey Side (Otoliths)

Outside Voices is the protocol of an 18-month transatlantic email correspondence between poet, musician and artist Jake Berry and Argotist-editor Jeffrey Side, it ranges across and intertwines a variety of topics that include: poetry and music; film and TV; the changes in culture over the past few decades; the differences in regional U.S. and U.K. accents; the difficulty of reaching the famous in order to interview them; the songwriter as poet and vice versa. Two excerpts of the book are online in Jeffrey Side's blog: Published Email Correspondence.

Jeffrey Side is the editor of Argotist Online, a magazine that it is devoted entirely to poetry and poetics and has an own Ebooks-section.

Jake Berry is a poet, musician and visual artist, and the author of Brambu Drezi, Species of Abandoned Light, Drafts of the Sorcery, and numerous other books. He has been an active member of the global arts and literary community for more than 25 years. Recently, he created a cut-up long poem with Craig Hill, which is available as free dowload: SIXIXSIX

About Otoliths
Otoliths is a magazine of many e-things, published by Mark Young, Australia. The online issue of Otoliths appears quarterly, the current issue is: southern spring, 2010. The publishing arm of Otoliths began as print editions of the e-zine Otoliths, but has since expanded to include books & chapbooks by authors associated with the journal. Recent publications include Unable to Fully California by Larry Sawyer and A Marzipan Factory by Grzegorz Wróblewski.

Jake Berry & Jeffrey Side: Outside Voices
Print: $13.45

Friday, November 12, 2010

Qantum Genre in the Planet of Arts (Paraphilia)

Quantum Genre in the Planet of Arts is an E-thology dedicated to the Quantum Genre in literature and art. Beautifully designed and illustrated, the e-thololgy offers a “weird-weird” fiction whose “quantum” quality lies in a way of representation of characters and their “obscure” world. It has nothing to do with sci-fi or the mainstream plot-oriented fiction. Both literary works and artistic images included in the anthology reveal a universe of diversified possibilities and characters whose quantum multiplicity and uncertainty would make one.

The anthology presents short stories by Tantra Bensko, Tom Bradley, Rachel Kendall, Dorothee Lang, Kyle Muntz, j.a.tyler, D. Harlan Wilson, and others. An article by an acclaimed film critic, Betty Jo Tucker, a founding member of the San Diego Film Critics’ Society, opens the door to the QG in cinema. It is followed by a script by Misha Chariton. Last but not least, we are proud to present an excerpt of a truly fascinating novel, Scaraboccio, quantum in essence, written by Grace Andreacchi. You can read this anthology online or download and read at your leisure: PDF.

The e-thology is edited by V. Ulea (Vera Zubarev), Ph.D., teaches decision making in chess literature and film in the University of Pennsylvania. She has published books of literary criticism, poetry and prose, including most recently, a collection of short stories, Snail (previously featured in s-Press). She writes in Russian and English, and recently become a poet laureate of Paustovsky Municipal Prize (Odessa, Ukraine).

About Paraphilia
Paraphilia is an unlicensed, underground enterprise that renounces established and arbitrary rules, regulations, guidelines, genres, categories, and all other manmade shackles. Paraphilia publishes Paraphilia Magazine and books.

Quantum Genre in the Planet of Arts (scroll down a bit)
direct links: online-version / pdf
189 pages

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

naked beauty - John C. Goodman (Blue Yellow Dog)

In his poetry collection naked beauty, John C. Goodman's navigates through the real, the subconscious and the abstract "like a seasoned ship’s Captain... pushing us overboard (“there always seems to be a further place to fall”) then fishing us back up (“in a baptism of beginning”) to continue on this disturbing yet enlightening voyage toward the “wreckage of the future” - Frances Ward, editor of HammeredOut and Asphalt Tree Press

"John C. Goodman finds his poems in the quotidian objects, people and experiences of modern life. His poems capture the oscillating perspective of the poet's shifting italicized "I" - the transient flux of the experienced poet's identity - in which his "stream of experience" finds the extraordinary in the mundane, music amid the white noise of traffic, and beauty in the modern urban metropolis." - Mark McCawley, Fresh Raw Cuts, Urban Graffiti, Greensleeve Editions

John C. Goodman lives in St John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. His novel, Talking to Wendigo (Turnstone Press) was short-listed for an Arthur Ellis Award. He is the editor of ditch, an online poetry magazine.

About Blue Yellow Dog
Blue Yellow Dog is a small press that is building on strong manuscript submissions from both young and experienced poets. Also available at Blue & Yellow Dog: Realities of Bifocal Translations by Felino A. Soriano (previously feature on s-Press), Rien Ici by Raymond Farr, DRUNKER/holding ember by Raymond Farr, and the first print issue of Blue & Yellow Dog Spring & Summer Issues 1 &2. Available soon: Matthew Johnstone’s Let’s be close Rope to mast, you Old light, Adam Fieled’s Equations, and Richard Kostelanetz’s chap book FICT IONS.

John C. Goodman: naked beauty
62 pages
ISBN 10-098-295350X

Monday, November 08, 2010

to the river - Rose Hunter (Artistically Declined)

to the river is Rose Hunter's first book of poetry. She weaves an interlinked collection of poems ranging from Sydney to Canada, to Vienna, to Mexico, and back again.

"Hunter's poems represent a map for the landscape of our everyday actions. At times simple and others intriguingly complex, Hunter’s wide range of influences are clearly evident throughout as she manages to touch on seemingly every subject possible." (full review) - Patrick Trotti, JMWW

"to the river is more than one woman’s journey through life: it’s a series of quests, each presenting its own challenges, and the question is: Will she survive the next? Read these poems and find out." (full review) - Molly Gaudry, author of We Take Me Apart

Rose Hunter blogs at Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home. At the moment she is somewhere between Australia and Mexico, with the most important parts of her in Mexico. She is also the editor of the online poetry journal YB. Her collection of short stories, Another Night at the Circus, was previously featured on s-Press.

About Artistically Declined Press
Artistically Declined Press is devoted to the pairing of fantastic writing with great design, creating complete works of art. The press publishes books of fiction and poetry, the literary journal Sententia, and ADP.PDF's, a series of free ebooks, and is run by Ryan W. Bradley, who writes and lives in Oregon with his wife and two sons.

Rose Hunter: to the river
poetry collection
96 pages, $9

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Oxford Book of Latin American Poetry (Oxford University)

The Oxford Book of Latin American Poetry is the first anthology to present a full range of multilingual poetries from Latin America, covering over 500 years of a poetic tradition as varied, robust, and vividly imaginative as any in the world.

Editors Cecilia Vicuña and Ernesto Livon-Grosman present a fresh and expansive selection of Latin American poetry, from the indigenous responses to the European conquest, through early feminist poetry of the 19th century, the early 20th century "Modernismo" and "Vanguardia" movements, later revolutionary and liberation poetry of the 1960s, right up to the experimental, visual and oral poetries being written and performed today. "The most comprehensive, representative, and up-to-date survey in English of Latin American Poetry, bar none." --Library Journal

An interesting and comrehensive review by Ken L. Walker is up in Coldfront: review link, the review includes several quotes from poems.

The editors: Cecilia Vicuna is an independent poet, artist, and editor (here'a some of her own work: "Water Writing: Anthological Exhibiton"). Ernesto Livon-Grosman is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies in the Department of Romance Languages & Cultures at Boston College.

About Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press (USA) is linked to Oxford University Press in Oxford, England, which is a department of Oxford University and is the oldest and largest continuously operating university press in the world. The first book to be printed in Oxford—the Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed, attributed to St. Jerome, by Theodoric Rood—was printed in 1478, only two years after Caxton set up the first printing press in England, following the invention of the printing press by Johann Gutenberg in 1450. Today, the OUP group of publishing companies constitutes the world's largest university press, being larger than all the American university presses and Cambridge University Press combined. Worldwide, the OUP group publishes more than 6,000 new titles a year and employs approximately 5,000 people across 50 countries.

Oxford Book of Latin American Poetry
poetry anthology
608 pages
ISBN: 0-19-512454-5

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Angels Carry the Sun - Phoebe Wilcox (Lilly)

Angels Carry the Sun is the debut novel of Phoebe Wilcox. Set in the early 1980s, in a pocket of rural poverty in one of the wealthiest counties in Pennsylvania, it tells the story of Flora’s four-year obsession with Finn, her high school teacher, as revisited during the summer before she leaves for college. It is a lyrical, spirited, quirky and tender coming-of-age story.

You can listen to Phoebe Wilcox reading from Angels Carry the Sun in this book video, and here's Phoebe talking about her book.

"Beautiful, poetic, tragic. Witness the miracle of words that is Phoebe Wilcox...then back away slowly." - Matthew "Nobius" Evelsizer, Calliope Nerve Media

Phoebe Wilcox's poems and stories can be found in The Chaffey Review, Bartleby-Snopes, River Poets Journal, ginosko, Wild River Review, Gloom Cupboard, Sixers Review, and many other literary magazines. She is the author of a poetry chapbook, Recidivist (Lilly Press, April 2010). An excerpt from a second novel, Flower Symbolism for Dummies has been published in Wild Violet. Two of her short stories have been nominated for the Pushcart prize: "The Librarian and the Janitor", and "Carp with Water in Their Ears" (River Poets Journal Spring 2008, pdf journal link). Lilly Press has nominated Angels Carry the Sun for the PEN/Faulkner award.

About Lilly Press
Lilly Press is the publishing wing of River Poets Journal. The press publishes fiction/poetry chapbooks/anthologies/journals, and is interested in imaginative work that lasts in your memory long after the reading. Recent publications include River Poems - An Anthology.

Phoebe Wilcox: Angels Carry the Sun
220 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 0980177561