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BluePrintReview was founded in May 2005 by the German author and web freelancer Dorothee Lang, who still edits it. Initially focused on experimental poetry and Flash fiction, it developed a broader spectrum over time. Since the beginning, the concept of BluePrintReview is to explore unexpected connections between texts and images from unrelated places.

BluePrintReview current issue: #29 "Diary Of"

The current issue of BluePrintReview has the theme "Diary Of". You can find it here: BluePrintReview 29: Diary Of"

The BluePrintReview book blog
The idea for this blog was sparked in January 2010, during the editing of BluePrintReview #23 (dis)comfort zones. Several contributors had new chapbooks out at that time, and novellas and collections launched these days, which lead to a “new books page” as an extra page to the  issue of BluePrintReview, to help to spread the word.

Following that page, the idea took shape to create a list with more current new small pressbooks. While trying to figure out the best format for such a list, this idea turned into a theme blog. That way, every book is "top of the list" once, and the whole list is more flexible. And there can be neat little features included, like the "browse by format" / "browse by theme" options.

The book blog launched in March 2010, and first was named "Daily s-Press".