Thursday, June 09, 2011

YB issue 4: Windows

Looking in and looking out: "Windows" are the focus theme of YB #4. The issue features poems by J. Bradley, Jessie Carty, Brittney Corrigan, Risa Denenberg, Kathleen Kirk, Daniel Romo, Nic Sebastian, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Troy Urquhart, Helen Vitoria and Megan Williams. There are also reviews by Melanie Moro-Huber and Nic Sebastian. And last but not least, a photo gallery by Dorothee Lang; "8 x8" - eight photos of eight countries.

As a new technical + animal "window", this issue of YB comes in a new design, is also available as Kindle edition or as pdf, and is presented by a tejón. (yes.) -  YB issue 4: windows

Here's what (guest co-editor) John Riley says about #4: "Windows are full of space and questions without answers, and each of these poems is wise enough to know this. There are no attempts at answers here, only the exuberance that comes from reveling in the uncertainty. So raise the curtain, undo the latch, and escape into the doubt. We promise you won’t leave satisfied."

For more windows, visit the YB blog - it will continue the theme by hosting "Window Gazing" posts with photos and artwork by various writers and artists, as well as whimsical windows and other information. Included so far are blog windows to Baltimore, Dallas, Denton, Baden-Württemberg, Slovenia, Rudersberg and Portugal.

About YB:
YB is an online journal of new poetry. The YB founder and editor is Rose Hunter. YB issue 4, the Windows issue, is co-edited by Sherry O'Keefe and John Riley, with art work by Dorothee Lang. Kindle edition by Sherry O'Keefe. Issues 1-3 of YB are online here:

YB issue 4: windows
theme issue
e-book (free pdf + kindle version)

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  1. hey, i love that quote by john. i DO want more windows and more windowish/tejonish experiences!

    thanks for the coverage!