Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Equation of Constants - BL Pawelek (Artistically Declined)

and i see it
i am here now myself
with nothing behind
i am the one
who splits the night

BL Pawelek's collection of poems, The Equation of Constants, is running with history and place, all above the basic construct of mathematics. Everything is constant, build the equation.

"The poems in B. L. Pawelek’s The Equation of Constants are built of short wonderful phrases, like curtly reading each separate branch and leaf of a tree – and when we step back we see the magnificently whole structure, the beauty of big, the massive feel of shade in a yard where all else is sun." - J. A. Tyler, author of In Love With a Ghost

bl pawelek has been to a million places in life and has forgotten most of them. But he is here now and trying.

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BL Pawelek: The Equation of Constants
poetry collection
15-pages, free e-book free for all

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