Friday, July 23, 2010

summer writing: Folded Word 24/7 Writing Month

This summer is good for writing - if you look for inspiration and motivation, there is A Year of Flash This Summer (a flash writing initiative with a weekly task), the August Poetry Postcard Fest, and now Folded Word just announced their first writing month:

Folded Word invites and encourages everyone to join them for a month of writing. This August, Folded Word will be holding their first writing month event called 24/7: "For the first 24 days of August, everyone will dedicate time each day to write either a piece of twitter fiction (up to 140 characters), prose poetry (up to 100 words), short poetry (up to 9 lines), micro fiction (up to 250 words), or flash fiction (up to 500 words). The last 7 days of August will be dedicated to revising these works."

If you would like to participate just follow these simple steps:
1.Send an email to editors[at]foldedword[dot]com with the subject line “24/7”
2.In the body of the email, include your legal name, the name you prefer to use online, city, state/province, and country.
3.An invitation to join our Basecamp group will be sent to the email address used for the request.
4.Accept the Basecamp invitation when it comes and follow the directions.
Once accepted, feel free to look around and become familiar with the Basecamp. At the end of August those who participated throughout the entire month will receive an “I wrote 24/7 in August” e-badge as well as some special publication opportunities.

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  1. I"m still not sure if I am going to join but I love the idea. I'll be starting classes on the 16th and doing more prep before that!