Friday, July 30, 2010

Lit Clips: 6S summer, Electric Literature, Moving Poems, 3Cheers + more

Friday is for literary specials in Daily s-Press. This week's special theme: literary film clips.

the 6S summer film festival
The 6S Social Network is running a summer film festival with short films based on 6 sentence stories. There are 7 films up so far, all listed on this page: the 6S summer film festival. Make sure to check out "My Pirate Neighbour" by Oceana Setaysha - the ship turns to 5 paper boats in the clip: "My neighbour is a pirate. He’s building a ship in his backyard of oiled teak and adventure.."

Electric Literature Single Sentence Animations
Electric Literature, a youtube channel that features electric literature and cross-over projects in bi-monthly anthologies. Now playing: Single Sentence Animations. "These days, we're on an animation kick". Here's one of the clips for starters: "Little Things" by Matt Sumell.

Moving Poems
Moving Poems is an on-going compendium of video poetry from around the web, with a new video every weekday, hosted by Dave Bonta, editor of qarrtsiluni. There is a "Random"-feature in the sidebar - that's how I at first try arrived at "The Art of Drowning" by Billy Collins, which coincidentially connects to the 6S pirate ship video, just like the currently featured "Landlocked" does, too. It's ship video days.

Folded Word 3Cheers
Folded Word has developed a lit clip format called “3Cheers", each Cheer features 3 works from their magazine. An overview of all clips is up here: 3Cheers award. The recent clip is 3Cheers Spring 2010 - literature goes playmobil in this one.

Reviews, Beats, Vimeo Poetry
More lit-clips:
- Referential editor Jessie Carthy reviews books: "4 Book Reviews in Under 7 Minutes!"
- Susan Gibb creates a decade's flash in a poem: "Recycling" (don't get tricked by the title)
- Mel Bosworth goes beat for his new book: "Greasy Beats"
- and there is a huge (and rather miscellangelous) section of "Poem"-clips up in Vimeo: Vimeo Poems / Vimeo Poetry

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  1. watching these video clips (thanks for the shout out btw!) really makes me miss my YouTube journal and the act of making videos. But, sigh, really being able to make a good video takes good software and money I just don't have! (or TIME)