Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snail - V. Ulea (Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink)

Formed from memories of dreams of memories, Snail is journey of life, introspection, and familial connectitude. Its seven interconnected stories are bonded by mood, plot, a single set of characters, and heart felt emotion; yet separated in a very dream like fashion by time, space, and logic of reality. Beautifully adorned by the artworks of Irene Frenkel, this book is not simply a work to be read and considered, it is a texturized and exhilarating cosmic dance for all the senses

"The stories slip effortlessly and seamlessly from reality to fantasy and back. These made me wonder, for example, whether there is a fairy tale in Russian literature or in Russian folklore regarding the snail, or one (or more) regarding the relationship between mothers and grandmothers, etc." - Harvey Stanbrough

V. Ulea (Vera Zubarev) is a bilingual Russian-English poet, writer, scholar and film director. She has published 14 books of poetry, prose, and literary criticism. She teaches classes on Decision Making in Chess, Literature and Film in the University of Pennsylvania

About Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink
Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink is an independent literary press dedicated to publishing avant-garde, experimental or otherwise unique fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and book art with general idealities similar to those found in absurdism, expressionism, futurism, irrealism, magic-realism, metaphysics and/or surrealism. Our books are richly intelligent and imaginative in their context, and curiously stimulating in the multi-layered subtext and potential interpretations.

V. Ulea: Snail
story collection
94 pages, $19.80
ISBN: 978-1926617060

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