Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forked Tongue - Craig Sernotti (Blue Room)

Forked Tongue is Craig Sernotti's first poetry collection. Selected from offerings of the past 12 years, the poems in this collection move from dream-inspired absurdity to bitter reality, and open to the dark corners of our world and our minds.

"In Forked Tongue, Craig Sernotti skirts the sentimental and stares down the taboo. This collection of short pieces is at times surreal and at times nihilistically self-aware. Well crafted and honest, to be appropriately pessimistic without straying into self-pity is a hard fence to walk. Craig Sernotti does so with deft awareness of language and well administered injections of humor." - Outside Writers (full review with excerpts)

Craig Sernotti lives and writes and edits in New Jersey. He is the editor of The.

About Blue Room Publishing
Blue Room Publishing primarily publishes off-beat, slightly obscure fiction (of all flavors and genres) as well as some poetry. The overall goal at Blue Room Publishing is to offer a new realm for readers to connect with both the kinds of stories they crave as well as the types of books they may not be used to reading. "In short, we're all about opening the eyes of readers from all backgrounds, from the casual Starbucks page-turner to the hardcore two-books-a-week consumer."

Craig Sernotti: Forked Tongue
poetry collection
64 pages, paperback, $9.95
ISBN: 978-0984300617

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