Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Great Outdoors (Hobart)

The Great Outdoors: Hobart's new print issue takes you right out there. It reaches from "Fun Camp" shorts to "Outdoor Apocylypse", and from "Lake" to "A Deer Big Enough to Show" to "Cold Travel". Also included: "An Encyclopedia of Urban Farming".

Contributing authors: Mike Alber, Lydia Conklin, Lucy Corin, Curtis Dawkins, Matthew Derby, Gabe Durham, B.C. Edwards, Scott Garson, Becky Hagenston, Steve Himmer, Christopher Kennedy, Meghan Kenny, Peter Markus, Adam Peterson, Steven Rinella, Shya Scanlon, Patrick Somerville, Eliza Tudor, Gabriel Urza, Elise Winn.

To accompany this issue online, Hobart put together an Outdoor bonus feature website with all kinds of extras: alternate endings, pie recipes, behind-the-scenes essay, camp conversation, and extra shorts.

About Hobart
Hobart publishes online issues, print issues and minibooks, and is edited by Aaron Burch. The Great Outdoors is Hobart print issue #11. In August, the next minibook will be released: "The Avian Gospels - Book I" by Adam Novy.

The Great Outdoors (Hobart #11)
short stories
paperback, $10

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