Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Junkie - Tom Hansen (Emergency)

American Junkie is the story of Hansen's life as a musician and heroin dealer during the punk and grunge movements in Seattle. It's American. It’s human underground.

If you’ve ever wondered why people do drugs even when it’s killing them and they know it, this book will help you understand. And if you think that all junkies are nothing but degenerates, then this book will change your mind.

In American Junkie, Tom Hansen takes us non-stop into a land of desperate addicts, failed punk bands, and brushes with sad fame. It’s a story that takes us from the promise of a young life to the prison of a mattress, from budding musician to broken down junkie, and ultimately, a ride to a hospital for a six-month stay and a painful self-discovery that cuts down to the bone.

Tom Hansen lives in Seattle and writes for The Nervous Breakdown. He is also an editor at Knock Magazine. His next reading is in New York on May 22nd.

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Tom Hanson: American Junkie
280 pages, paperback, 15$
ISBN: 978-0975362365

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