Monday, August 12, 2013

Women to Read: Where to Start & New Voices

In April, author Kari Sperring started a twitter initiative, basically by asking readers to recommend science fiction and fantasy by women after several frustrating experiences both in bookshops and in review surveys.

Following the initative, SF Signal invited author A.C. Wise to write a series of guest posts, and give a sampling of female sf authors and recommended reads. Here are the links:

SF Signal: Women to Read: Where to Start
Part 1: Le Guin, Jacson, Eskrigde, Hopkinson
Part 2: Morrison,  Bradley, Bell, Files
Part 3: SF books with women to read about

New Voices
A.C. Wise also but a long list together of new voices: "Ccalling on the power of the internet hivemind, I asked for examples of women who made their first speculative fiction sale (pro or otherwise) within the last two years or so. And lo! The internet delivered onto me a glorious list of names, which I’m delighted to share with you:"
Women to Read: New Voices

100 Great SF Short Stories by Women
After reviewing the reprint of the sf-anthology "Women of Wonder", Ian Sales collected a list of science fiction short stories by women: Toward 100 Great SF Short Stories by Women

The original blog post of author Kari Sperring who started the initiative is online at  Womentoread
Make sure to visit the ongoing twitterstream #womentoread


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