Tuesday, January 22, 2013

February is National Novel Reading Month - join #NaNoReMo with a classic novel

How about reading a classic novel in February? John from the Bathroom Monologues and fellow bloggers are initiating a National Novel Reading Month:

"It’s a simple idea. We’ve all got at least one classic book we think we ought to read and have put off too long.

Check your shelf. Check your conscience. Isn’t there something long removed from the Bestseller’s List you think you ought to read? Be it for craft, for history, or some gap in your personal English canon. #NaNoReMo is about catching up with the classics.

It begins on February 1st. We’ll be on the honor system; nobody cheat and start reading now. In advance you’re welcome to hop onto blogs and Twitter to chat about your potential choices. Our hashtag is #NaNoReMo. Then join us throughout February as we discuss our progress through our chosen classics. If it works the cross-pollination of encouragement will increase our reading lists as well as encourage us to finish reading great works."

for guidelines and a list of participating blogs, visit:
#NaNoReMo Megapost

and here's more about it: 
introduction blog post: #NaNoReMo: National Novel Reading Month
twitter: #NaNoReMo


The classic image above? That's as classic as books get: it's from the King's Library in the British Library in London.


  1. Thank you for spreading the word! Are you thinking of joining us?

  2. You're welcome! And yes, i will join the classic reading with an Asian classic: the Tao Te Ching.