Monday, April 11, 2011

The Book of It - Daniela Elza

The Book of It by Daniela Elza is about being and becoming in the inconclusive manuscript of life. It is about creativity and the alchemy of the imagination. It is about knowing, and perhaps how we know more than we know we know. It is about the contemplative mind that wants more. It is about that which cannot be named, but can be pervasive in our lives (if we let it).

"The Book of It is a tribute to 'none of the above' when it comes to the search for meaning and answers-both in life and in education. In this meditative book, Daniela Elza tries to find the It between 'cash and two pieces of ID' and 'a blue guitar with one string (forgotten)', between a tree trunk that 'needs more than one person to embrace it' and a measurement of '1000 words (can be more but not less).' Without doubt, The Book of It is a pleasant surprise even to itself." - Arlene Ang

Daniela Elza is currently finishing her doctorate in Philosophy of Education at Simon Fraser University. Her work (mostly poetry) appears in over 50 publications. The Book of It is Daniela’s first ebook. Her full length poetry book, The Weight of Dew, is forthcoming with Mother Tongue Publishing (Spring, 2012).

Daniela Elza: The Book of It
116 pages
available as paperback + download + kindle-version
- the book of It (paperback) $11.99
- the book of It (PDF file download) $2.99
- kindle version: /

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