Thursday, December 16, 2010

NaSmaStoMo - National Small Stone Month

You might have heard of NaNoWriMo, where participants are encouraged to write an entire novel in a single month. There now is a new event, taking place the first time in January 2011: NaSmaStoMo - National Small Stone Month, initiated by Fiona Robyn.

The challenge, should you choose to take part, is to write a small stone - a polished moment of paying proper attention - every day during the month of January.

The idea behind NaSmaStoMo? - Fiona explains: "I’m a believer in making use of the writing process to help us connect with ourselves and with the world. Writing helps me to pay more attention, and for me this leads to feeling more gratitude and love for everything around me (including the difficult and dark bits). I think writing can be seen as a spiritual practice. I was thinking about how I could encourage more people to try out writing a small stone as a daily practice, and my fiancĂ© Kaspa came up with the idea of borrowing ‘NaMoWriMo’ and making it our own! We’ve had a stunning response so far."

To join, visit the blog note "Welcome to a river of stones!", and post the web address where you'll be posting your small stones in the commment section - then you get added to the blogroll. To get into the mood for writing small stones, read the recent a river of stones entries, and visit the growing blog roll in the sidebar - it already includes more than 30 participating blogs.

Fiona Robyn is a novelist, blogger and creativity coach living in the skirts of the Malvern hills in Worcestershire in the UK. Her three novels are published by Snowbooks and she has also published a book of ‘small stones’. She has been writing a short observational piece at a small stone every day for several years, and she publishes other people’s stones at a handful of stones.

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