Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Feathered Masks - John Swain (Full of Crow)

John Swain writes with an elegant, simple style that is free of many of the typical distractions. He condenses his thoughts into few - but powerful- words. This was something that appealed to us at Full Of Crow. Eight of his poems now turned into The Feathered Masks - a short poetry collection, available both as pdf-download, and as online Isuu version with flipping pages.

John Swain is an American poet who lets his work speak for itself. He will also have a poetry chapbook in print this spring from Full Of Crow.

About Full Of Crow:
Full Of Crow Press produces and promotes both print and web based content, including fiction, poetry, art, interviews, art columns, reviews, audio, flash fiction, zines, chapbooks, ebooks, and more. We distribute a number of zines and will soon have audio cds available of poetry/ spoken word. Many of our collaborative zines are developed at our community ning site, The Sphere.
Our most widely distributed collaborative zine, "MUST" has been printed thousands of times, all over the world. We are now on issue #10. Other Full of Crow eBooks include: Mexico 2009 by Edwards Wells II, Variant Tongues of the Conjunctive Application by Felino A. Soriano, village idiot by Ross Vassilev.

John Swain: The Feathered Masks
poetry collection
e-book, 8 poems
available as pdf-version or as Isuu version

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this up about John Swain's work. He is a talented poet and truly- a nice guy.