Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deer & Other Stories - Susan Tepper (Wilderness House)

Deer & Other Stories is a collection of literary fiction about the search for love, the disappearance of love, the mystery of love. Much of this collection takes place during the Vietnam War years. The deer that populate these 11 stories, whether real deer or imagined, made of skin and blood and bone, used as plastic lawn ornaments, even a wire stage prop, pad in and out of the characters' lives as mirror-images reflecting all the beauty, splendor and fear both species engender.

Author Susan Tepper has published over 100 stories and poems in journals and anthologies worldwide. She has received five nominations for the Pushcart Prize and has been nominated for National Public Radio Selected Shorts Series. Additionally, she is Assistant Editor of Istanbul Literary Review, and hosts the reading series FIZZ at KGB Bar in NYC. Susan is currently in search of a publisher for her new novel. She calls it a quirky "road book" involving five unlikely travel companions who take a chaotic drive from New Jersey to Colorado during winter.

About Wilderness House (+WHLReview)
Deer & Other Stories is published by Wilderness House Press in Littleton, Massachusetts. The press also publishes the online magazine WHLReview and its annual 'The Best of Wilderness House Literary Review' print anthology. Wilderness House Press publisher Steve Glines and editor Doug Holder are interested in books of literary fiction and poetry. Forthcoming is Dosha, a novel of gypsy intrigue, and several story collections.

Susan Tepper: Deer & Other Stories
story collection
112 pgs, paperback
ISBN 978 0 578 02479 0

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  1. I read "Deer" and enjoyed it a lot. I'm looking forward to Susan Tepper's road book novel. It takes place during winter? That's kind of unusual.