Monday, September 27, 2010

Future Issue (Oxford American)

Issue 70 of Oxford American is a special Future Issue. While we can't guarantee our predictions will come true, we can trust the minds of our fearless explorers—our writers and artists—to point us in the right direction.

"Our visions include the Internet-fueled fears of Jack Pendarvis; William Caverlee calling upon Walker Percy's prophecies; Anne Gisleson coping with change in New Orleans; a surreal Frank Gehry structure beheld by Matthew Pitt; and Hal Crowther's version of the apocalypse.

But our greatest fears and unfathomable dreams come to light in our extra section: "The Future of Fiction: Visions from 2050" wherein eleven adventurous storytellers probe our all-too-human desire to ascertain what is to come: sexually active nonagenarians, happy pills, viral false information, and deleted childhood memories."

Several articles of the Future Issue are available online, visit the latest issue page for links, the list includes Ten Great Novels of the Apocalypse. In the Online Exclusives Section, you can find a related Governors' Forum: Six Southern governors address our concerns about the future.

An extra link: last year, Oxford American had a special Race Issue - again, with articles included online.

Future Issue
Oxford American

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