Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thaw - Fiona Robyn (Snowbooks)

Ruth is thirty two years old and doesn't know if she wants to be thirty three. Her meticulously-ordered lonely life as a microbiologist is starved of pleasure and devoid of meaning. She decides to give herself three months to decide whether or not to end her life, and we read her daily diary as she struggles to make sense of her past and grapples with the pain of the present. Thaw explores what makes any of our lives worth living. Can Red, the eccentric Russian artist Ruth commissions to paint her portrait, find a way to warm her frozen heart?

A page of Ruth's diary will be posted every day for the next three months in the Thaw blog, here the starting post: Welcome.

Fiona Robyn is an author and a blogger living in rural Hampshire in the UK with her cats Fatty and Silver. Thaw is her third novel.

About Snowbooks
Snowbooks is a feisty, award-winning independent book publisher, founded by Emma Barnes and Rob Jones, and later joined by Anna Torborg and James Bridle. They've been going since 2004 when their first books were launched. Since then they have sold hundreds of thousands of books, been nominated for and won lots of prizes, and have generally had a blast. Their authors include Thomas Emson and Sarah Bower, and they publish across genres.

Fiona Robyn: Thaw
novel, 2009
350 pages, paperback
ISBN: 9781906727093

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