Monday, March 15, 2010

mlp [First Year] (Mud Luscious)

[First Year] is an anthology of everything Mud Luscious Press has printed in their four-by-four chapbooks beginning in 2008 & going through to the end of 2009 & featuring the writing of ken baumann, shane jones, jimmy chen, brandi wells, blake butler, nick antosca, sam pink, james chapman, colin bassett, michael kimball, jac jemc, kim chinquee, kim parko, norman lock, randall brown, brian evenson, michael stewart, peter markus, ken sparling, aaron burch, david ohle, matthew savoca, p. h. madore, johannes göransson, charles lennox, ryan call, elizabeth ellen, molly gaudry, kevin wilson, mary hamilton, craig davis, kendra grant malone, lavie tidhar, lily hoang, mark baumer, ben tanzer, krammer abrahams, joshua cohen, eugene lim, c. l. bledsoe, joanna ruocco, josh maday, & michael martone as they first appeared in mud luscious print & here collected all together

About Mud Luscious Press (+Mud Luscious)
Mud Luscious Press is an independent small press of aggressive and raw literature, founded and run by J. A. Tyler. The press also publishes the online magazine Mud Luscious Magazine and runs a novel(la) series including We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry (2009), An Island Of Fifty by Ben Brooks (2010), When All Our Days Are Numbered by Sasha Fletcher (2010), I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur by Mathias Svalina (2011), and The Hieroglyphics by Michael Stewart (2011).

[First Year]
Anthology, 2009
298 pages, paperback, $15

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