Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I Fucked A Girl And I Liked It – Eventually by Kirsty Logan

I Fucked a Girl and I Liked It – Eventually is an essay on the truth about lesbian sex. It's also a story of creative pdf-ing:

Logan says: "I wrote it for an anthology, but then the anthology was never published. Damn, I thought to myself, I wasted a day of writing. And then I went and had a cup of tea.

It is a little-known fact that the genetics of British people mean that tea is linked to thinking. More tea = more thoughts. It took 1,539 cups for John Logie Baird to figure out the TV. It took 2,599 cups for T. S. Eliot to write ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’. It didn’t take Baudelaire any tea at all to write Les Fleurs du Mal, because he was French and needed only opium and absinthe.

Anyway, the tea fortified my brain and made me wonder if I could perhaps still get that £75 for the essay. And thus my plan was born!

If you have a spare £1 (which is US$1.50 and CA$1.60) and would like to read my personal essay, I Fucked A Girl And I Liked It – Eventually, then great! Visit
my webpage, read a bit more about the essay, and if you like the idea, click the Paypal button, donate your £1, and I will email you a beautifully-designed, 1,500-word PDF."

Kirsty Logan won her first literary contest at the age of 8, and has been going mostly downhill ever since. She writes, edits, teaches, reviews books and works in a tea-shop in Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently working on her first novel, 'Little Dead Boys'. She likes coffee cupcakes and sticking pins in maps.

Kirsty Logan: I Fucked A Girl And I Liked It – Eventually

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