Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tinkers - Paul Harding (Bellevue Literary)

Harding's short novel Tinkers is the story of a dying man, George Washington Crosby, and his relationship with his father, who suffered from epilepsy and eventually abandoned his family because of the affliction.

Tinkers won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in the past week. This is the first time a book published by a small independent press has won the Pulitzer for fiction since 1981 - back then, John Kennedy Toole posthumoulsly won the award for his picaresque novel A Confederacy of Dunces, published by Grove Press.

Paul Harding studied at the University of Massachusettes from 1986 to 1992 while drumming in the grunge band Cold Water Flat. Tinkers is his first novel. An interview with Paul Harding is up in Open Source: Paul Harding's Magical Tinkers.

About Bellevue Literary Press
Bellevue Literary Press, founded in 2005, publishes literary and authoritative fiction and nonfiction at the nexus of the arts and the sciences, with a special focus on medicine. Their authors explore cultural and historical representations of the human body, illness, and health, and address the impact of scientific and medical practice on the individual and society. The mission of Bellevue Literary Press is to bring together medicine, science, and humanism through literature: "The common starting point for understanding most things is a story.”

Paul Harding: Tinkers
paperback, 192 pages, $14.95

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  1. I ordered TINKERS before all the hooplah. It's gorgeous. BLP also runs a fabulous lit zine, same mission. It is fantastic that they and Harding got this home run with this touching, lush gem. Peace...