Monday, April 26, 2010

Letters Patterns Structures - Andrew Topel (avantacular)

In Letters Patterns Structures, Andrew Topel treats his viewers to an architectural purity in which positive and negative spaces become interchangeable. These precise arrangements of letters and punctuation build forms that function equally as lattice works of theory, as finite sculptures, and as art. Topel ‘s craftsmanship locates and then captures the richness of individual angles superimposed on one another, yielding large, musical constructs that undergo successive phases of preparation, suspension, and resolution.

"Andrew Topel’s hand is sure, his eye is clear, his vision, superb. Within these creations, delicacy and boldness are not incompatible, but progress through mutually celebratory elements within successive pieces. When viewing Topel’s art, I do not have to work at loving what I see and feel. My admiration is inevitable. His masterful constructions enhance my own capacity for sensory awareness, melding discoveries that inform each new moment of joy in finding what is present and continually reconfiguring itself into conceptual possibilities that hold, for all their majesty, within a greater actuality space." - Sheila E. Murphy

About avantacular press
Andrew Topel founded avantacular press in 2002. The press specializes in books of visual poetry & other-stream writing as well as one-of-a-kind artists books.

Andrew Topel: Letters Patterns Structures
visual poetry collection
paperback, 50 pages + after words by Geof Huth
$12, which includes shipping

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