Friday, April 16, 2010

The HiStory of Santa Monica - Michael J. Atwood (Aqueous)

Michael J. Atwood's debut collection is thematically linked by both the characters—who are struggling to realize their Hollywood dreams and the setting—Santa Monica, California. A seemingly peaceful seaside city, Santa Monica is also a purgatory where the characters must face failure and loss—as well as their demons and ghosts. Family and ritual are consistent motifs throughout the collection, as are the themes of escape, addiction, redemption, reparation, religion, and death. Whether it is a young couple looking to buy their first home or a man returning to his hometown for a funeral or a baptism, readers will find the everyday rituals in these stories identifiable in many ways.

Michael J. Atwood is a fiction writer and weekly opinion columnist for the North Attleborough Free Press. His work has appeared in a number of literary magazines and online journals.

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The HiStory of Santa Monica
short-story collection, thematically linked
190 pages, paperback, $14
ISBN: 978-0-9826734-0-9
pre-order now at Aqueous Books / Store, and safe shipping costs.

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