Monday, January 03, 2011

MiCrow Winter 2010: “Void” (Full of Crow)

MiCrow is the flash fiction section of Full Of Crow, currently edited by Michael Solender, with two online issues a year in Summer and Winter. The Winter 2010 issue is out now, it's theme: "Void"

„Void as a literary theme opens up an entire world of possibilities for both the reader and the writer. Absence can be hurtful, playful, scary, hopeful, or crushing. Emptiness and vagaries may inspire or go unnoticed," says Michael Solender. "The works that you'll find in the Winter 2010 issue of MiCrow approach the concept of Void from many varied and curious angles and will do everything but leave you with an empty and hollow feeling."

The issue is available online: MiCrow Winter 2010: “Void”

Authors include: Susan Gibb, Jeffrey S. Callico, Chris Deal, Doug Mathewson, Howie Good, Michael Webb, Jason Warden, Timothy Gager, Nigel Bird, R.S. Bohn, Mike Robertson, Dorothee Lang, Laura Cummins, Randall Brown, Nabina Das, Sean Ulman, Paul Beckman, Ron Koppleberger, Jeffery Miller, Carol Maginn, James Tallett, Susan May, and Richard Godwin. This issue also features images by Mike Handley, (cover) Lily Mulholland, Steve Wing, Dorothee Lang, and Nabina Das.

Michael J. Solender is a freelance writer and editor. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Harriet, and blogs daily at Not From Here, Are You?

About Full Of Crow:
Full Of Crow Press produces and promotes both print and web based content, including fiction, poetry, art, interviews, art columns, reviews, audio, flash fiction, zines, chapbooks, ebooks, and more.
Submissions for the next MiCrow issue will be considered from March 1- May 1 2011, the theme is: "Summer".

MiCrow Winter 2010: “Void”
e-book, 39 pages
direct pdf-link: "Void"

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