Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Elevate Difference

Elevate Difference is a forum for thoughtful critique that aims to embody the myriad—and sometimes conflicting—viewpoints present in the struggle for political, social, and economic justice. The forum features reviews of books and films, with a focus on indie publishers and producers. The forum also features music reviews, interviews, etc.

2 selected book reviews from Elevate Difference:

"My Sisters Made of Light" by Jacqueline St. Joan (Press53), a book that is "traversing the diversity of Pakistan’s distinct cultures and classes" (review by Alicia Simoni).

"Each and Her" by Valerie Martínez (University of Arizona Press), a poetry collection that "bestows a quiet honor on the lives of nearly 500 victims ... many females, often students or factory workers, who have been (and continue to be) murdered in or around Juárez anc Chihuahua, Mexico. Justice often comes through awareness and empathy, and the way that Valerie Martínez reverently and tenderly handles her collection of meditations about this terrifying cultural pattern buoys the possibility of justice, and hopefully, a remedy."(review by Julie Ann Brandt).

About Elevate Difference
Elevate Difference is a volunteer-run publication, the Editorial Collective includes: Alicia Izharuddin, Andrea Dulanto, Annette Przygoda, Barbara Barrow, Brittany Shoot, Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch, Farhana Uddin, Gita Tewari, Gwen Emmons, Mandy Van Deven, Payal Patel, Priyanka Nandy, Tina Vasquez. There also is a call for contributors up: "Elevate Difference seeks writers who subscribe to our mission and want to write reviews and feature interviews with activists and culture-makers." - Contribute

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