Monday, February 14, 2011

Two Weeks (Linebreak)

Two Weeks is an ebook and audio book anthology that was compiled, edited, designed, coded, and recorded in only 14 days. The editors of Linebreak took public submissions for the first week (reviewing more than 1,000 poems), and spent the second week editing and producing the book. For the audio book, each poem was read and recorded by a contributor other than the author.

The final result includes 58 poems. One of the goals was to prove that you can preserve line breaks and other formatting in ebooks, which a lot of poetry ebooks to date have not done. The book is available at the Linebreak website, and will also be listed in the Kindle store. More infos: Two Weeks.

Two Weeks includes new poems from Bruce Bond, Geoffrey Brock, Dorianne Laux, Seth Abramson, T.R. Hummer, Oliver de la Paz, Joe Wilkins, Hannah Miet, Jazzy Danziger, Randall Mann, Jeffery Bahr, Matthew Henriksen, Mary Meriam, Amanda Auchter, Ernest Hilbert, Matthew Zapruder, Brian Spears, Rachel Richardson, Christina Stoddard, Kimberly Grey, David Roderick, Josh Kalscheur, Kerry Krouse, Benjamin Glass, Rose Hunter, Lauren Camp, Jon Tribble, Patricia Lockwood, and more.

About Linebreak
Linebreak is a weekly magazine with a bias for good poetry. "We look for poems that we wish we had written, poems that take us somewhere we didn’t even know we wanted to go." Submissions of both poetry and prose are welcome throughout the year. In addition to text, Linebreak publishes audio recordings of all poems. Each poet’s work is read and recorded by another working poet selected by the editors.

Two Weeks
anthology of contemporary poetry
58 pages, download: 4.99$

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