Thursday, January 06, 2011

Coldfront Top 30 Poetry Books of 2010

The editors of Coldfront Magazine took some time and picked their favourite Top 30 Poetry Books of 2010.

John Deming, the editor-in-chief of Coldfront, explaines: "Unfortunately, we don't have the time to publish full reviews of every book we come across as it comes out. But we always strive to keep thorough records of what's happening in American poetry as it happens. This list was created by Coldfront's editorial staff, and surely there are books that others (including our future selves) might think are missing. But we think that lists like this are a lot of fun and can serve as a very useful record years down the line."

For some books, the list links to Coldfront reviews, which often include samples of the poems. Here a couple of direct links to reviews:
Included are books from various presses: Mississippi Review Poetry Series, Tarpaulin Sky Press, New Directions, Wave Books, Ahsahta Press, Graywolf Press, Coffee House Press, Copper Canyon PressBloof Books (bee!), and many others.

About Coldfront
The goal of Coldfront Magazine is to serve as a general overview of contemporary poetry and related issues: "There have been more than 300 reviews published at Coldfront since 2006. We are committed to covering the development of American language and lyricism, whether that means bringing you the latest poetry-related news, reviews of new books, or features. Everyday in this morning we point to a new, bite-sized sampler of online poetry, handpicked by our crack staff and network of diligent tipsters."

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