Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of 2010

some end-of-year-s-press reflections, inspired by the "Popular Posts" in the sidebar, and a stroll through keywords and country lists. the most visited blog posts of 2010 are:

Frankfurt Book Fair - themes, sights, links
photos and notes from the Frankfurt Book Fair, with feature South America + thematic hotspots

author talk: Daniela Elza + Arlene Ang
poets Daniela Elza and Arlene Ang talk about poetry, collaborations, materialism and loss, the process of putting a manuscript together, and .. birds.

A Year of Flash This Summer
a feature on the flash writing challenge 52/250: A Year of Flash. the feature was included in the daily summer special

it's interesting that of the most visited blog posts in this blog that is basically about books - none is actually a book post. same goes for the current popular posts:

current popular posts:
NaSmaStoMo (january writing challenge), The Enpipe Line (poetic resistance project) and I Fucked A Girl and I Liked It - Eventually (essay)

the visitors of this blog come from:
the United States, Canada, Germany, UK, India, Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Cyprus, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand ...

& some highlights of the keyword statistic of searches that led to daily s-press
- "book that ends with the word mayonnaise"
- "catchy book fair phrases"
- "daily naked blogpost"
- "i am here and you are gone"
- "aquarium thunderclap"

blog birthday:
this blog started on March 8, and will have its first birthday in about 3 months.

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