Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Glass Woman Prize

The Glass Woman Prize is awarded for a work of short fiction or creative non-fiction written by a woman. Winners of the Eights Prize have now been announced: The winning story (US$500) is Wanderer by Susan Gibb - for more about this story, visit the author's blog note

Second Prize (US$100) winner is Star Anise by Kari Nguyen. Third Prize (US$50) is A Virgin Fire by Andrea Price Berthot. Other top contenders for the Eight Glass Woman Prize are listed on the Glass Woman Prize Website.

About the Glass Woman Prize
This prize is an ongoing literary initiative by Beate Sigriddaughter, who explains: "I want women to be able to acknowledge, transparently, who we are, and that who we are is not trivial and unimportant, despite the fact that it is not typically rewarded in a man-made and money-motivated world."

The first glass woman prize was awared in March 2007, previous winning stories include: Sanctuary by Julie Innis, Notes from the Night by Louise Beech, The Story of My Life (So Far) by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Vicky's Secret by Mary Saracino and Only the Homeless Find the Divine by Nanette Rayman Rivera. There is detailed archive page with more previous prize winners and links to their stories: Past Prize Winners

Beate Sigriddaughter grew up in N├╝rnberg, Germany and is now a resident of North Vancouver, British Columbia. She has published short stories and poetry, and has written several books. For more about her and her work, visit her biography page.

The Ninth Glass Woman Prize reading period is now in effect, from September 22, 2010 through March 21, 2011. For guidelines, visit the webpage: Glass Woman Prize.

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