Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On a Narrow Windowsill (Folded Word)

On a Narrow Windowsill: written on four continents and read on six, the works in this anthology celebrate the birth of a new literary form: the tweet. The editors J.S. Graustein and Rose Auslander note: "Ironically, the 140-character limit of the Twitter platform has inspired new and veteran writers alike to stretch traditional boundaries. Some experiment with abbreviated poetic forms. Others create back-story through innuendo. All make every word—every character—count. This collection will introduce you to 43 of these pioneers who venture out each day onto text's narrow windowsill. Come, join them, and sit a spell. There's room."

This collection of poems and stories from Folded Word's twitter-zines PicFic, Form.Reborn (now closed) and unFold, features the work of Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Eric Burke, Ben White, Kaolin Fire, Karyn Eisler, Mel Bosworth  and others - here a full list of contributors and here a windowsill preview.

About Folded Word (+PicFic + unFold +Heron)
Folded Word is an independent press that continually seeks new ways of connecting readers to new literary voices. The editors say: "though we do sell our books and chapbooks, we offer free poetry and fiction to the public in our Twitter-zines PicFic and unFold, as well as our print broadside, Heron. We also value craftsmanship, both of literary works and the medium in which they are rendered--as demonstrated by our handcrafted Signature Series chapbooks. Folded Word is managed by J.S. Graustein with the support of Rose Auslander, Ben White, and the entire Folded family of contributors."

On a Narrow Windowsill
twitter fiction and poetry anthology
(note: if you order from now until 31 December 2010 you can enter to win every 2011 title Folded Word will publish. details on the Folded blog in Loads of Windowsills)

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