Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mo(nu)ment (blueprint)

mo(nu)ment is an anthology that gathers reflections on moments and monuments in 70 unique pieces contributed by 30 authors from all over the world, capturing the fleeting and the solid, motion and matter, the present and the past.

"A versatile and varied collection of writing. The stories and poems flowed into one another with organic ease. The artwork complements the writing and the overall effect is of a mighty, living, breathing entity of modern literature. If you are interested in cutting edge writing and art then "mo(nu)ment" will serve well." - Carl Brunch

Contributors include: Lys Anzia, Marcia Arrieta, Michael Bergstein, Kelvin Bueckert, Sita Carboni, Jeff Crouch, Peter Dabbene, Kari Edwards, Helen Ellis, J. Fisher, Tasnim Jivaji, Dorothee Lang, Wes Lee, Smitha Murthy, Melanie Olson, Diane Payne, Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper, Ania Szado, Davide Trame, Michael K. White, Steve Wing, Eric Wrisley, Diana J. Wynne

editor and press
This anthology is edited by Dorothee Lang, and published by blueprintpress, the print side wing of BluePrintReview.

168 pages, $11.81

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