Saturday, August 28, 2010

Masala Moments - Dorothee Lang (Cautionary)

Masala Moments is a travel novel that includes ancient tales, lessons of karma, and modern myths. Based on her own journeys through Asia, Dorothee Lang takes the reader on a journey that leads from the West to the East, and offers a glimpse into the sameness we share, Indian or German or Canadian or American. For those who are longing to go, it includes an extra chapter with practical travel advice.

"India in a teacup. Its flavour in pages. Its aroma in words. That is Masala Moments, the thoughts of an intrepid traveller through the maze of crowds, chaos and centrifugalness that is India." - Smitha Murthy

Dorothee Lang is founding editor of the literary online journal BluePrintReview. Her writing has appeared in numerous online and print magazines, among them: The Sunday Herald (India), The Mississippi Review (USA), Zeit Online (Germany), Dublin Quarterly (Ireland), Word Riot (USA) and others. She holds a degree in economics and advertising, and lives in the South of Germany.

Cautionary Tale Press
Cautionary Tale Press is the publishing venue of Cautionary Tale Magazine, edited by Eric Wrisley, and featuring short stories, and regular series ("The View from the West Hill", "The Dictionary of American Diction", "These Here United States").

Dorothee Lang: Masala Moments
a travel novel
164 pages, $15.00
amazon / luluISBN 978-1-4116-4293-5

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