Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Love Story of Paul Collins - Donigan Merritt

A line in the Kate McGarrigle song, "Heart Like A Wheel," states: And it's only love that can wreck a human being and turn him inside out. The Love Story of Paul Collins illustrates that tragedy within a story and a setting of thoughtful and emotional literary power, set in a provincial Central European capital during the year preceding September 11, 2001.

For an excerpt of the novel, click here: "This country feels like home to him now..."

Donigan Merritt was born in southwest Arkansas in 1945, and left home at the age of seventeen. He has worked as a journalist, scuba diver, fishing boat captain, sailing instructor, and university professor. He has a BA and MA degree in philosophy; the BA is with Honors from Simpson College, the MA is from the Claremont Graduate School. He also has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers Workshop. His first novel, One Easy Piece, was published by Coward-McCann in 1981. Since then, he has published seven novels, the most recent: Blossom, published by Author House, 2011. He has lived in California, Slovakia, South Africa, Germany, Washington, DC, and Buenos Aires.

Donigan Merritt: The Love Story of Paul Collins
205 pages
paperback: $7.99
kindle: $3.52

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