Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Most Beautiful Thing - Fiona Robyn

Fiona Robyn's new novel The Most Beautiful Thing tells the story of two summers in Amsterdam. The first: fourteen year old Joe Salt, obsessed with clouds and falcons and perplexed by humans. His aunt Nel, a chaotic artist with two lovers. The second, fifteen years later: a family secret, which makes sense of everything, and pushes Joe to breaking point...

"I was surprised by this wonderful novel. I thought initially it was going to be a 'relationship' book, but as I became more involved with the characters I realised it was a significant contribution to the literature of 'The Outsider'. From the perspective of middle age I can identify with so much experienced by Joe, both as a teenager and a young adult, and am amazed at the perspicacity of Fiona Robyn in capturing it so well." ~ Anthony Foley via

Fiona Robyn is a novelist, psychotherapist and creativity coach. She co-founded Writing Our Way Home with her husband Kaspa and runs mindful writing e-courses and an online writing community. Her previous novels include 'Thaw' and 'The Blue Handbag'. She lives in the skirts of the Malvern hills with Kaspa and her three cats.

Fiona Robyn: The Most Beautiful Thing
paperback + e-book, 320 pages

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