Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life After Sleep - Mark Brand (CCLaP)

In his mini-novel Life after Sleep, Mark Brand takes a look at the world that might just await us around the corner -- a place where GPS, Facebook and cellphones mesh perfectly to tell us where even in a nightclub to stand, yet traditional enough for couples to still have fights over groceries, and for office politics to still have enormous repercussions.

It is the day after tomorrow, and a device has been invented that immediately induces REM sleep, otherwise known as "Sleep" with a capital S. Society has been transformed. The average person now only needs two hours of rest a night. The work day is officially sixteen hours long. Americans party at clubs until daybreak, then log into virtual worlds and party in a reunified Korea all morning too...

Mark R. Brand is a Chicago-based science-fiction veteran and former medical assistant. An interview with him regarding the process of writing this book is available online: CCLaP Podcast 68: Author Mark R. Brand

CCLaP / Pay what you want! Like the previous CCLaP-books featured in Daily s-Press ("99 Problems" by Ben Tanzer, "Too Young to Fall Asleep" by Sally Weigel), this book is published on a "pay what you want"-basis: "it means you pay only what you want for an electronic copy, even if you want to pay nothing, making this mini-novel (available in EPUB, PDF and MOBI/Kindle editions) easily worth taking a chance on."

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Mark Brand: Life After Sleep
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