Monday, August 13, 2012

MiCrow 7 - Summer 2012 - Home

MiCrow is the flash fiction section of Full Of Crow, edited by Michael Solender. The Summer 2012 issue is out now, it's theme: "Home"

Home is the place we most associate with self over any other. Home can be as large as a continent or as small as a tiny shack barely big enough for a bed. As a muse, storytellers both run towards and run away from that they call home," notes Michael Solender. "Whatever it offers you, our reader of edition 7, MICROW’s summer 2012 compendium, Home is where you’ll find splendid imagery, prose, and poetry that will capture your imagination and evoke notions that take you to places that are familiar and not so much."

The issue is available online: MiCrow 7: Summer 2012: “Home” , direct pdf-link: Home

The issue features words and imagery by: Lynn Alexander, Paul Beckman, Cortney Bledsoe, Jenny Bohatch, Samuel Cole, Stephen Cooper, Leon Jackson Davenport, Cristy Del Canto, Ceilidh Devine, Aleathia Drehmer, Kristin Fouquet,Leah Givens, Kate Marie Goff, Joseph Grant, Linda Hofke, Claire Ibarra, Rich Ives, Tyrel Kessinger, Len Kuntz, Dorothee Lang, Maude Larke, Paula Lietz, Doug Mathewson, Afzal Moolla, Ellen Orner, Jennifer Polhemus, James D. Quinton, Brad Rose, Marjorie Sadin, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Gita Smith, Michael Dwayne Smith, Michael J. Solender, Eric Suhem, Nicolette Wong, Christopher Woods, & Angel Zapata.

Michael J. Solender is a freelance writer and editor. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Harriet, and blogs at Not From Here, Are You?

About Full Of Crow:
Full Of Crow Press produces and promotes both print and web based content, including fiction, poetry, art, interviews, art columns, reviews, audio, flash fiction, zines, chapbooks, ebooks, and more.

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