Sunday, June 03, 2012

top 50 book blogs, 65 literary tumblrs & 5 lit blog streams

There’s an abundance of book blogs out there, with a wide range of themes: from current prize winners to crime and science fiction, and from books in translations to historic books to newcomers. But how to find all those blogs? Here some links:

1) Book Blog Ranking List
Thanks to web algorithms, there's a book blog  list that is based on 20 ranking factors and includes Bookslut, Booking Mama, Bookgeeks, and many other book blogs / book websites (scroll for the various ranking lists): Top 50 Book Blogs.

2) List of literary tumblrs
The editors of the Millions webpage started to put together listings of literary tumblrs, there are 65 included now: The Millions Guide to Literary Tumblrs

3) Blog Streams
For an unranked yet more adventurous approach, try the following topic/tag-links of Wordpress and Tumblr, each creates an automatic blog post stream for each tag:

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