Monday, June 11, 2012

New Sun Rising - Stories for Japan

Its been over a year since the disasters hit Japan. While the world may have shifted their focus to other areas, the suffering of the people devastated by the events the 2011 tsunami caused continues.

Over 60 contributors have donated their works to New Sun Rising - Stories for Japan, in order to heighten the awareness of the plight of the Japanese people. Several blueprint contributors are included in the anthology: Dave Bonta, Brigita Orel, Marcus Speh, Nora Nadjarian. All authors are listed here: contributors, and notes on the team and the process of creating the anthology is online here: the team.

This anthology is not about the disaster, but celebrates the beauty of the Japanese culture, environment and people. Its about hope, passion and commitment.

New Sun Rising is currently available on Kindle through Amazon. Its also available to borrow through thier library system for the next three months. Every cent will be directed to the Japanese Red Cross to assist those who still require help.

New Sun Rising - Stories for Japan
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