Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Enpipe Line - poetry written in resistance

The Enpipe Line consists of more than 70.000 kilometers of collaborative poetry written in resistance to Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal and projects like it around the planet.

Initiated and hosted by Christine Leclerc, this project started in 2010 and kept growing continually online. Now it turned into a printed  collection of poetic resistance, published by Creekstone Press.

"These poems, drawings, stories, statements—words and gestures—are more than anathemas to Enbridge's Northern Gateway proposal; they are actual and necessary functions of being here, measures of our own animal presence, and witness to a threatening greed and ignorance. Kilometre after kilometre, The Enpipe Line occupies its space by writing in it." - Fred Wah, Parliamentary Poet Laureate

You can now download your copy of The Enpipe Line as PDF-file at the Enpipe Page. The Enpipe Line in printed form will launch March 23.

About The Enpipe Line
The Enpipe Line goes dream vs. dream with Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway Pipelines. If built, these 1,170 kilometre pipelines will carry tar sands oil and its poisonous by-products across more than 700 streams and rivers between Alberta and the B.C. port of Kitimat. In Kitimat, crude oil would be pumped into supertankers for export, threatening the fragile coastal ecosystem with a major spill. Originally conceived as a 1,170 kilometre-long collaborative line of poetry to match the length of the proposed pipelines, The Enpipe Line has grown to over 70,000 kilometres.

The Enpipe Line / (pdf-link)
179 pages

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