Thursday, March 01, 2012

An Aotearoa Affair #1: Crossings

Germany and New Zealand. Seen geographically, these two countries are about as far apart as they could possibly be. But across oceans and timezones, people associated with these two places reach out, connect and share their current projects in An Aotearoa Affair - a blog carnival that reaches from Germany to New Zealand

"Here we introduce German and Kiwi poets, storytellers, bloggers and artists as they travel and transform, wander and dream."

The blog carnival is part of the Aotearoa Affair Blog Fest, inspired by the 2012 Frankfurt Bookfair in October — where New Zealand is the Guest of Honour.

Crossings: The first edition of this blog carnival was edited by Michelle Elvy (New Zealand) and Dorothee Lang (Germany). It has the theme "Crossings", and features entries by 24 writers from a variety of places and perspectives, including Keri Hulme, Marcus Speh, Christopher Allen, Kes Young, Emma Barnes, Rachel Fenton, Megan Doyle Corcoran, Hinemoana Baker, Tim Jones, Patrizia Monzani, J├╝rgen Fauth, Kate Brown, Helen Lowe, Linda Evans Hofke, Trish Nicholson, Piet Nieuwland, Raewyn Alexander, Rae Roadley, Martin Porter, Michael O'Leary and Aidan Howard.

About + How to Join
You can find more about this initiative on the Blog Fest website, which offers Weekly Highlights and Features. Submissions are now open to the highlights series and to the second blog carnival. The theme is "Past Myths, present legends" and will be edited by Rachel Fenton. The deadline for contributions for the March Blog Carnival is 20 March. For more details visit How To Join.

An Aotearoa Affair #1: Crossings

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